8 Easter Activities to Get the Kids Egg-Cited

Between painting eggs, looking for the fabled Easter Bunny and embarking on scavenger hunts for candy, Easter is a truly a magical time for children. But the fun doesn’t end there. Check out these 8 creative activities that will make Easter even more memorable for your kids.

1. Show Your True Colors

Dyeing Easter eggs is an ancient tradition that’s worth preserving. All you need are eggs, white vinegar and food coloring to get started. Once the eggs are boiled and dyed, set the kids up with paint or markers and let them use their imagination. Take it to the next level with stickers, feathers and glitter.
Pro Tip! Keep white crayons handy to make advanced designs easier. The wax from a white crayon is resistant to dye so your designs will remain intact after dying the eggs.

2. DIY Easter Baskets

Keep the craft kit out and skip the store-bought basket this year. Instead, round up things from around your house, like terra cotta pots or mason jars, and get gluing, wrapping, sewing and stuffing. You can make your own Easter basket grass by shredding colored tissue or construction paper.

3. Enlist a Sous Chef

Children love to feel like they are needed for the adult tasks during the holidays, and what better way to get them involved than passing down your family Easter recipes? Assign small tasks to the young ones, like cracking the eggs for your breakfast sandwiches, and share your childhood Easter stories and family cooking secrets.

4. Change Up the Rules

Spice up your usual Easter egg hunt with one of these creative twists:

  • Assign each child a different color to collect and make it a competition
  • Put glow sticks in plastic eggs and make it an after-dinner flashlight hunt
  • Make it a scavenger hunt with clever clues and delicious prizes

5. Play Eggstra Games

There are plenty of other games to keep the family having fun on a nice Easter day. Stick to the egg theme with games like egg toss, egg bocce, egg in spoon races and shell crack. If you are hosting a large gathering, you can even set up a whole field day and assign teams.

6. Get Crafty

After the eggs are dyed and the baskets are hand-crafted, try one of these fun art projects:

  • Eggshell Mosaics - break up your Easter egg shells and glue them onto a drawing or picture frame
  • Pipe Cleaner Bunny Ears – mend pipe cleaners into bunny ears and attach them to a hairband or a paper plate bunny mask
  • Upcycling Egg Cartons - repurpose your egg cartons into floral centerpieces or animal masks

7. Star Performance

If there’s no Easter parade in your town, don’t let that stop you from dressing up and putting on silly hats at home. Instead of marching down the street, help the kids put on a play about the holiday or the welcoming of spring.

8. Time Hop

Toward the end of the festivities, have your child write a letter about the day and place it inside a plastic egg to open up next year. Encourage your child to include their favorite memories, along with recent photos or drawings to look back on next Easter.